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LA PEARLIN By Pegah seasonless collection Sep 21 at london fashion Week
Embracing glamour
With rich textures, bright colours and glorious feathers .

Inspiration is all around us but Dynasty glamour inspiration is definitely behind this collection .
The 80’s power dressing ,
Some good 80’s fashion moment here ,
Feathers the ultimate glamorous adornment to wear since 16th century , classic and luxuriously soft ostrich feather is a Vision of feminine and magnified the sense of luxury in the collections.

I’ve been influenced from lockdown covid life ,when the world was on hold and life almost lost meaning. 
The world after covid means freedom ,Celebration of playful colours and decadent boldness .

While Every wardrobe choice should be an adventure we still have modern Elegant ultra chic pieces like the blazer set for strong successful woman that she call it wardrobe magic .

The colour palette to her spring summer mood-board is delectable and delicious 
Different shades of pink  from bubble gum to light baby pink ,ultra feminine ,the girly trend with romantic feel that makes it really wearable for everyday ,summer light chic  .

She believes calming nature of Pastels are certainly optimistic  soft and comforting 
Sweetest shades of  blue , pink ,lilac  and buttermilk yellow brings a sense of nostalgia to our childhood along with it , pure gentle and soothing feeling .

Pastel and delicate soft pink with pearl and bow details that balances the colour scheme and adds sweet and romantic energy.

Her season less collection included her take on feathered gown with feathered gloves inspired by iconic 80’s fashion and ladies of the 80’s .

Designer believes her season-less collection is wearable and really dreamy like the mermaid dress with shiny sea stars .


Pegah Pourmand - Founder & Designer

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